The Division 1.8 update delivers huge Resistance patch

The 1.8 "Resistance" patch adds a host of new features, and Ubisoft have been calling it the game's biggest free update yet. A completely new area stretched over two sections (Piers North and Piers South), containing a new safe house - Camp Clinton - this will act as a new social hub "similar to the Terminal". There will also be two new game modes. Resistance will pit Division agents against an unprecedented alliance of enemy factions, challenging players to fight off waves of powerful foes and formidable bosses. Skirmish is a new PvP mode where two teams of four players compete to get the highest number of kills before the time limit. PvP progress is shared between the existing Last Stand mode and Skirmish, and the level cap has been raised from 40 to 99.

In addition, this update lets players upgrade their gear, tweaks the difficulty of the Underground DLC, and reworks how going Rogue in the Dark Zone works. The new rewards include Classified Caches. Using cooperative tactics is strongly encouraged, as is using the resources dropped by enemies to set up defenses or extend the battlefield. In fact, rewards overall have been increased in the Underground.

There's also the usual selection of bug fixes and minor adjustments, including one slightly alarming bug which would "cause wildlife to explode during the Strike global event".

Tom Clancy's The Division released back in 2016 - it seems so long ago now - but Ubisoft are far from finished when it comes to updating the game with new content. Players who already own Tom Clancy's The Division will be able to try out the DLC for free from December 5 to December 10.

With update 1.8 arriving on December 5, a whole new area of the city will be opened up for exploration.

Vanessa Coleman