'The Crown': Claire Foy Is Paid Less Than Co-Star Matt Smith

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith as Prince Philip in Netflix drama The Crown.

Executives at Left Bank Pictures, the production company behind The Crown, revealed Matt Smith, the actor who plays Prince Philip on the show, earned more than Foy did on the Netflix series.

Writer-creator Peter Morgan, center, with Matt Smith and Claire Foy. Producers Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries admitted at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem that Smith had a larger salary on "The Crown" because of his popularity from his run on "Doctor Who".

Mackie said: Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen.

According to the reports, Chrissy Metz was paid 40,000 dollars per episode for "This Is Us", the acclaimed NBC drama that has had 18 episodes per season. It is not known at this time how much more Matt was paid for his work on the series.

Both Smith and Foy have since been replaced in the lead roles - not because of any dispute, but because that was the plan all along.

Mackie acknowledged that Smith's experience on Doctor Who fueled the salary disparity.

No one gets paid more than The Queen... except for The Doctor.

Foy has previously discussed her two-season role, explaining that a different actress will portray the monarch every couple of series as she ages. The success carried on into the second season, with Foy bringing home another SAG Award and earning another Golden Globe nomination.

The producers then went on to acknowledge the pay disparity by promising that there will be no more missing money between co-stars - no matter their gender.

It has been announced that Olivia Colman will be playing Queen Elizabeth II, taking over the role from Claire Foy. Next season they will be replaced with new actors.

However, it seems that this issue is going to be resolved in the upcoming seasons, according to the creative director of the company producing the Netflix series.

Vanessa Coleman