'The Clintons Are a Virus': Meghan McCain Slams Hillary On 'The View'

"You don't like to hear me say this, but she did win by 3 million more votes", Joy Behar rebuffed.

Democrats griped that her remarks would make it tougher for Democrats in swing states because they would likely be called on to respond to her disparaging remarks. She then stated that Trump voters are ignoramuses who still stumble out to their outhouses in the middle of the night and stoop over a hole in the ground while reading old copies of Ku Klux Klan newsletters. "If your messaging is that you want to go back in time, that women can't think for ourselves, that our husbands, bosses, and sons tell us what to do, that's quite the message going forward into midterms and [the] general election".

The comments from Democrats were published just hours after the party seemed poised to pick up a U.S. House seat that once seemed way out of reach.

'We need leaders like her to look forward to 2020 and how to unify the party, not continue to re-litigate the past, ' the official said. Yes, women who voted Republican only did so because they are afraid that ol' Bob is going to come home, get the beatin' stick out of the closet and start a-whoopin' and a-whalin' on the little woman. Even a single-digit loss by Lamb would have been considered a feat.

The implication? That red states - like SC - are "backwards". Not only that, the group cited Smith's prior support for Clinton, including a quote in which he described her as being "uniquely qualified to serve" as president.

Both states, Alabama and Pennsylvania, had gone for Trump in 2016.

'That's a lot of states, ' the ex-aide added.

She argued that "anti-Washington" and "anti-establishment" sentiment, as well as poverty and the economy, had more to do with Clinton's defeat than things like sexism and race. "If the Democratic Party is the party of the Clintons, you are dead in the water", McCain said.

Mike Reed, the deputy communications director at the Republican National Committee, pointed out to reporters Sen.

But the debate really heated up after they suggested that President Donald Trump doesn't suffer from the same toxic presence in the media and on the campaign trail.

Democrats are angry that Hillary Clinton continues to discuss what went wrong during the 2016 presidential election against President Trump.

Vanessa Coleman