The best web site designs in San Diego

San Diego has a lot of web designers who are doing a good job in keeping up with the best e-commerce website trends. If you live in this city or are looking to hire a web designer from San Diego, you better get prepared to have your website featuring the very best in today’s e-commerce web design. 

The best web site designs in San Diego: things that matter 

Images sell more than text 

Consumers don’t have the patience to read especially when they have the alternative of getting the message in an image format. Perhaps images also tend to be very captivating unlike plain text. But regardless of what the reason is, it is now a well-known fact that the best web site designs in San Diego make use of more images than text. 

Images are known to capture emotions. If you can play with your customers’ emotions through images as they browse your site, it will be a major factor when it comes to making a purchase decision. Images work well on e-commerce sites in the fashion and design niche. Gift shops also do well with images, and that’s why the concept is gaining momentum. 

Long scroll 

Remember that when designing your e-commerce business site, you are essentially taking care of the vast majority of users who access it using mobile devices. 

Long scroll technique has been around for quite some time, thanks to mobile devices which have played a mainstream role in encouraging scrolls than clicks. 

And then the scrolling can be broken into clear sections to create room for a multi-page site design. This technique works fine for e-commerce sites that use blogs to tell stories about their products before leading visitors to take action in the main site. 

Dynamic product searching 

In the beginning of 2016, the best web site designs in San Diego and elsewhere on the internet began making use of dynamic views that are generated by JavaScript and Ajax to change page product searches on the fly. 

This technique fits in well with good navigation design since it lets users search whatever they are looking for without the distraction of multiple search results on every page. 

Dynamic product searching is considered among the best web site design since it works well for e-commerce sites with a large inventory. 

Common user interface design patterns 

As a matter of fact, the best San Diego web site designs are steering away from overwhelming users with multiple.

Why would you want to puzzle users each time they visit your site? Consumers don’t want to spend time figuring out how to navigate your site. Thus a common UI design which is also attractive is highly desirable because it makes everything clear at a glimpse. 


Don’t forget; when designing your e-commerce business site, there’s always the need to incorporate the elements above while also making it responsive. Keep in mind that the best site designs are created with responsive themes that fit every display they are viewed on. You don’t want to be left behind. 


Vanessa Coleman