Texas Tech student had run-in with police day before murder

Texas Tech has asked the Lubbock Police Department to take over an independent review of what led to the murder of Officer Floyd East Jr., Monday night at the police station. He added that the officers brought the suspect to campus police station for standard debriefing when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the head.

Steiner said he is a hunter who has no problem with guns, generally, but that he did not believe they are appropriate in every setting.

The officers who stopped Daniels' vehicle later let him drive off because they didn't have probable cause or Daniels' permission to search his auto, Stevens said. There are several officers from Lubbock that attend our police memorial service, so we definitely have a great relationship with them.

According to Chris Cook, at around 7:45 PM on Monday when #Campus Police were called to the freshman's dorm room on a welfare check, officers found drugs and related paraphernalia in his room.

The Texas student accused of shooting a campus police officer while in custody had been pulled over in his auto - hours before he allegedly murdered his victim - over claims he had a stolen gun and making terrorist threats, according to reports. There, Daniels was left alone with an officer in a room.

An arrest warrant filed by Lubbock police said Daniels stated at the beginning of an interview with two detectives that he had shot the officer and done "something illogical", according to the warrant posted online by local media. Police saying he has officially been charged with capital murder of a peace officer. He's being held on $5 million bond.

It's unclear whether Daniels has obtained an attorney. On Wednesday, October 11, Daniels was indicted on one count of possession of a stolen firearm.

"Several officers from the Lubbock area every year during National Police Week". East is survived by a wife and two daughters, Bonath said.

Vanessa Coleman