Texas lawmakers approve bill restricting insurance coverage for abortions

Julie Chang, an education reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, says the Senate committee introduced a new version of the bill Friday that decreases funding by nearly $1.5 billion.

Abbott's satisfaction with the overall 30-day period appears to disproportionately hinge on whether lawmakers can come together on property tax reform, which he has repeatedly suggested is his top priority beyond the sunset bills.

Republican State Representative Matt Krause of Fort Worth says, "I'd say for all intents and purposes any kind of privacy legislation is dead in the House".

"Our Byzantine school funding "system" is undeniably imperfect, with enormous room for improvement", wrote Justice Don Willett.

The lawmakers are especially irked by Straus-appointed committee chairs who've yet to schedule a house vote on bills that have already passed through their committees.

The Texas House on Wednesday tentatively approved a bill that seeks to crack down on mail-in ballot fraud, one of Greg.

Senate Bill 1 by Sen. Along with passing the "sunset" bills, Abbott ultimately added 19 other items to his special session agenda, including property tax legislation, school finance measures and a "bathroom bill" that would restrict the bathrooms some transgender people could use. The bill, authored by Huberty, also would have created a transitional $200 million grant program over the next two years to help out some school districts that would be hardest-hit by the upcoming loss of a state aid program.

Just like during the regular session, Straus has refused to refer that bill to a House committee - the first step in the legislative process.

"Election administrators representing 120 members of the House, contacted us and said that is an unfunded mandate, that's going to cost our counties thousands of dollars and we would like it repealed", said Goldman.

"Texas has a strong tradition of answering the call to support our nation's armed forces, ' said Representative Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio), who is Chairman of the House Defense and Veterans' Affairs Committee, in a statement".

Along with dramatically different levels of funding, Huberty and Taylor also tap different sources for new education funds. If the Legislature approves Huberty's plan, voters would vote on it in November. More than 1,000 school officials asked Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick yesterday to pass the House's school finance bill, but Patrick referring to the measure as a "Ponzi scheme" and the Senate Ed chairman saying he doesn't plan to accept the House's proposal probably tells us everything we need to know. Insurance for an elective abortion would only be allowed if the coverage is provided separately from the other health plan coverage and the enrollee pays a premium for the coverage separately from the other health plan premium. "I'm very concerned and I think it would be a huge disappointment", she said.

Vanessa Coleman