Tesla's $1.8B Bond Sale…Wait, I Though It Was $1.5B?

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Tesla last hit the capital markets in March, raising close to $1 billion in convertible notes and almost $400 million in stock. But, to put it in perspective, the factory under NUMMI's control made about 385,000 vehicles per year.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted representatives for Amber Heard and Elon Musk for comment.

Tesla announced the bond sale earlier this week, though CEO Elon Musk made it known last week that the company was considering using debt markets to raise cash to bring its mass market Model 3 electric auto to market. In addition, two pro-union employees recently spoke out about the potential dangers of the Model 3 production ramp. Tesla smashed all of those targets.

Analysts have scrutinized Tesla's financial in the past.

The company expects the Model 3 to quickly reach positive gross margins as they reach volume production in late 2017 or early 2018, but they stay vague when it comes to guidance about being profitable.

The bond market would be greeted with no profit on the horizon and no pedigree in terms of issuance.

It will be a crucial step in Tesla " s second "master plan', which will see the brand expand beyond its current line-up with an all-electric pick-up truck, a new Roadster and a move towards heavy-duty transport with Tesla trucks and buses.

The Tesla Owners Club Italia have set a new world record by driving a Tesla Model S 100D 1,078km (670 miles) on a single charge, within 29 hours.

The rating agency said the overall company's "B2" rating was supported by the fact that if Tesla ends up in serious financial trouble, its brand name, products and physical assets would be of "considerable value" to other automakers.

It was part of a four-day road trip Tesla is taking to bring in high-yield junk-rated bonds needed to build 500,000 new vehicles next year. Of course, Tesla will pitch itself as a "green" bond issuer and the final rate of interest could depend on investor appetite.

Heading into last week's earnings report, about $9.03 billion worth of TSLA stock was sold short - more than any other company on Wall Street.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had a few words for the author who retold the story of his longtime assistant, Mary Beth Brown, a woman who quit working for Musk after 12 years, in 2014.

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