Tennis Umpires Considering Boycott of Serena Williams' Matches After US Open Meltdown

Williams' accusation of sexism has been backed by The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA), and this has seemingly upset a core group of umpires, according to The Times.

"In a situation where we know Serena is unbelievable; she's iconic; and we know that Carlos is there because he's worthy of being there for those matches".

While Ramos is known as a stickler for the rules, the US team won't have to worry about coaching violations since captains sit courtside during Davis Cup matches and are permitted to give advice throughout the match. [It] was, in my opinion, maybe unnecessary. You're a grand slam champion for the first time. Appreciation for what the 20-year-old achieved in defeating Williams has since been gathering momentum, with Nissan now appointing her its brand ambassador.

U.S. Open champion Naomi Osaka has revealed for the first time what Serena Williams told her after the controversy-plagued final. She later smashed her racket on the court, resulting in a point penalty and more choice words for Ramos. "I have a daughter, and I stand for what's right for her", Williams shouted. "For me to say "thief" and for him to take a game, it made me feel like it was a sexist remark". He's never took a game from a man because they said thief. For me, it blows my mind, but I'm going to continue to fight for women. A Nissan North America spokeswoman confirmed in an email that the USA division does not now have plans to utilize her, adding that "the relationship is early and primarily a global one".

"I've seen other men call other umpires several things", Williams said at the press conference after the match. The warning incensed Williams, not only because coaching hand gestures have become so common in the modern era of tennis and nearly always go unpunished, but especially because it called her character into question. "We do not believe that this was done".

Naomi Osaka's trophy presentation at the 2018 U.S. Open was unusual, to say the least. "I don't think we would ever try to push it that far, especially in this Davis Cup format - we're not going to dock our country a game". When I was talking about the outcome, I was really talking about the behavior of the audience, of the fans.

She could soon cash in on her win with Adidas, which according to multiple reports is expected to sign a new deal with her worth more than $8 million a year.

Vanessa Coleman