Teen bites off chunk of police officer's ear during her arrest

Salem police said they were called to a restaurant early Sunday after Wiley was involved in a disturbance outside the eatery.

A MA woman is accused of biting off a chunk of a rookie police officer's ear during an arrest early on Sunday.

A 19-year-old woman was held without bail Monday for allegedly biting off part of a Salem police officer's ear, prosecutors said. "Don't f***ing touch me!".

As cops dragged her away, Wiley bit down on an officer's ear so hard, a sizable chunk was ripped off, according to an incident report. "She bit my ear off", Rondinelli then told fellow officers.

The injured officer, identified by The Salem News as Patrolwoman Jessica Rondinelli, was just out of the academy and still in field training.

"I observed Wiley lunge at Officer Rondinellis" face while she was securing (the suspect's) legs", Monk wrote in the report.

Doctors at Salem Hospital could not reattach the piece of Rondinelli's ear, Blodgett's office said.

In addition, MacKenzie noted that Wiley had a long history of interactions with police in Marblehead, where is from, though she has no prior criminal charges.

Wiley is due back in court August 30.

Vanessa Coleman