Suspected gunman in Jazmine Barnes murder has lengthy criminal history

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said Larry D. Woodruffe, 24, is the suspected gunman in the drive-by shooting of Jazmine Barnes, who was killed December 30 while driving with her family to the grocery store.

This photo provided by the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Houston shows Larry D. Woodruffe.

- Family and community members are preparing to say their final goodbye to 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes.

Once Black was in custody, investigators discovered he had also been identified by an anonymous tipster as one of two suspects rumored to be involved in the shooting death of the second grader.

Prosecutors say Woodruffe and Black mistakenly thought they were attacking people they'd fought at a club hours earlier when they shot at Jazmine and her family. But before those arrests were made, the police and the family both believed the shooter was a white man in his 40s.

After a week-long manhunt, amplified by the help of social awareness of the case on Twitter, police have arrested and charged Eric Black Jr.

Investigators allege Woodruffe was the gunman and Black the getaway driver. While Black was charged on Sunday, authorities didn't charge Woodruffe until additional evidence had been collected.

Woodruffe, 24, will be in court Wednesday morning for the drug case and will have a preliminary hearing in the murder case on Thursday morning, according to online records. In a May Facebook post and tweet, King publicly named and accused a Dallas police officer of sexually assaulting a civil rights attorney during a traffic stop.

Jazmine was shot in the head as her mother drove her and her siblings on a shopping trip.

Texans star DeAndre Hopkins donated his $29K check from last Saturday's game to support her family. Woodruffe is now in jail on drug possession charges unrelated to the shooting, but is under investigation for this crime. Purple was Jazmine's favorite color and many of those at the service were dressed in purple.

As I pointed out yesterday, it turns out the man pictured, who has not been identified yet, was apparently just a witness who fled the scene in his truck when he heard the shots.

"I just want everyone to like, back off", she told the station.

Jazmine's mother and father were the first to speak at the funeral, and both of them started by expressing gratitude to the church and community.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner spoke at the funeral and called Jazmine "one of our children".

Vanessa Coleman