Suspect shot in struggle with police dies

A burglary suspect died and two officers were wounded Monday after getting into a shootout in Merced County after a reported break-in at an apartment, the sheriff's office said.

The suspect allegedly grabbed one of the officer's guns and shot the officers. Drive, he met the man's children, who directed him to the apartment.

Both the officers were hospitalized at Modesto-area hospitals, where their conditions proclaimed stable at late Monday.

The officer deployed a Taser, but the man removed the electrical probes and the skirmish continued, authorities said.

Brizzee explained what exactly happened in the apartment between police officers and suspect of breaking into the apartment, he said when the officers arrived at the apartment they found a man standing in the kitchen which is near the front door.

The officers and the man were locked in the struggle when the shooting unfolded, injuring all of them.

Reyna, who joined the department in 1999, said it's the first time officers been shot during his time on the force.

The department had dealt with the man a few years ago on a drug-related case, Brizzee said.

Brizzee wouldn't say whether the officers were shot with one of their guns.

"This has been a tremendously tough day for us". He didn't offer any other details, citing the ongoing investigation. "But the men and women I work with are resilient and we'll get through this together", Brizzee during a brief news conference.

Crime scene investigators worked all day at the shooting scene at an apartment building, where two police cruisers were encircled in yellow crime-scene ribbon.

Vanessa Coleman