Suspect named in fatal shooting on Mardi Gras parade route

While most people think New Orleans when they think Mardi Gras, Mobile has the original, (and they argue the greatest) celebrations. The Mardi Gras Indians are known to be secretive, intentionally not announcing their parade times or routes publicly in advance, according to Mardi Gras New Orleans. Police are still searching for suspects and have released an image of a suspect taken from surveillance footage.

The New Orleans Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for Eddie Dingle, 18, in connection with a homicide that occurred on Mardi Gras in the 2400 block of St. Charles Ave.

"I'm kind of scared", said Nawwal Smith, who said his family told him to be safe while he was in New Orleans. One victim's body was in a red Nissan sedan. Another victim was transported to the hospital by emergency services and died there.

Rex is the city's oldest parading group. This Haines City native serves his barbecue in 12 events across the county each year, with this year being his first at the Lake Wales Mardi Gras.

Neighbors Christine Stephens and Tracy Thomas said they stay on the traditional parade route, outside the French Quarter. The incidents come as thousands of revelers poured through the streets of New Orleans to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Louisiana's port city.

An estimated 15 million beads are thrown by the Endymion Krewe alone, with millions more being thrown from balconies. These beads that break down in months instead of hundreds of years could be another way to reduce Mardi Gras' environmental impact.

Vanessa Coleman