Super Meat Boy Forever Crash Lands on the Switch in 2018

Which is good. Super Meat Boy Forever is coming 2018 to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. Super Meat Boy Forever has finally resurfaced and will apparently launch next year.

While the footage of Forever that has been shown thus far suggests it will be fairly similar to the previous Meat Boy games, there is at least one new feature that will certainly freshen up the formula a bit.

Super Meat Boy Forever will be a true sequel with the story picking up after the events of the first game. It's up to players to go through levels that get more hard each time they are cleared to save the little one. It stars Meat Boy (an adorable block of bleeding tissue), Bandage Girl (she's built out of Band-Aids) and their sweet baby, Nugget.

In the FAQ for Super Meat Boy Forever, Team Meat said, "This is Super Meat Boy 2, but with a less boring name than "Super Meat Boy 2". So of course the nefarious Dr. Fetus kidnaps this beefy offspring. To describe Super Meat Boy Forever as an auto-runner would be a disservice. These will allow you to jump, perform a jump attack, a dive, and a slide. This will be a sequel to the original Super Meat Boy which released in 2010.

You may remember hearing about this game forever ago (cue cliche drum roll) but it's changed quite a bit since it was first "revealed" around 2015.

Emphasizes Team Meat that Super Meat Boy Forever is a game for big platforms, which was transferred to mobile, not Vice versa.

Vanessa Coleman