Students Sign Petition to Ban 'Offensive' Valentine's Day

In a fresh advisory issued by the authorities of the Lucknow University, the University had declared Valentine's Day 2018 as a holiday for all the students. In its press statement, the university has warned the students of disciplinary action if they were seen on the campus on 14 February.

While the holiday has been declared in the name of Mahashivratri, the campus has been declared out of bounds for students threatening them with disciplinary action.

The university also asked parents not to send students to campus on Wednesday. If we won't enter the university, then who will, ' asks a student quoted by the ANI.

"A few words may have been included owing to an oversight by the proctor office", he said. In order to avoid any kind of unsocial activity on the campus, the University has also cancelled all the cultural programmes, classes and exams.

Many students objected the advisory of university by saying that ordering students to not enter in University was "Tuglaqi farman".

Expressing their displeasure over the university administration's order, students said that this is an example of a "choti soch (small thinking)".

However, people have shown mixed reactions to the university's decision to not open on the day to "prevent" students from mingling and socializing within University premises.

This is not the first time that the university has issued such a notice on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day customs, like exchanging flowers and chocolates, were banned on the LU campus a year ago too.

In 2014, the varsity once issued a list of dos and don'ts for students, ahead of Valentine's Day.

Vanessa Coleman