Stormy Daniels offers to return Trump affair hush money

The possibility of Daniels owning any pre-existing images/videos of Trump engaged in any lewd acts would definitely be a presidential first; however, he hasn't exactly fit the diplomatic politician mould throughout his short tenure in office.

"I heard her say, 'I don't want that". He also publicly endorsed Roy Moore for his Alabama Senate campaign after the judge was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl when he was 32.

Daniels - whose real name is Stephanie Clifford was allegedly paid $130,000 to cover up an affair with President Donald Trump.

Daniels wants to return the money that effectively suppressed her, and began to share with the media details about their alleged affair.

Daniels might make a trip to Detroit later in the month, depending on her schedule. Such a payment, if meant to influence the election, may have run afoul of election laws.

While war ravages Syria and scandal continues in American politics (including a very naked Stormy Daniels), still many of citizens of our planet said to heck with it and got naked for a cause, any cause. She reportedly taped an interview with CBS's 60 Minutes during which she made new claims about Trump.

"It has been reported there will be an injunction to prevent it from running", Rhodes said. And though Democrats once sought to downplay former President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, 86 percent say that a Trump affair with Daniels would be immoral.

He went on to say forgiveness is available to anyone who asks. President Trump is our President, regardless of who he slept with 12 years ago.

Jeffress said in the Fox News segment that none of this matters to evangelicals who voted for Trump. It also threatens to erode the president's support among evangelical voters.

Daniels sued Trump last week, contending that the nondisclosure agreement should be voided because Trump never signed it.

Evangelicals were aware "they weren't voting for an altar boy", he continued.

Vanessa Coleman