Stephen Colbert announces a week of 'Late Show' episodes from Russia

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will devote one week to Colbert's Russian Federation trip.

Then again, Nielsen's L+3 numbers, which include live viewing plus three days of delayed playback, are expected to sustain Colbert's run as late-night king - despite Fallon's winning the week's largest audience for live plus same-day viewing.

As you might have heard, the Late Show host was in Russia, taping material for his show and popping over to Russian late-night series Evening Urgant, where he jokingly teased a presidential run. "Hardcore fans, evidently - followed me everywhere".

"Luckily, after an exhaustive search, we have found the leaker", Colbert says.

"I trust I'm mispronouncing his name correctly", adds the late night host.

The host also said that US agents followed him because, "It's important to keep your eye on a comedian while he is in Russia, you know, doing jokes - you know, I could be over there giving state secrets to the Russians". Followed me everywhere. Also got some attention from American intelligence.

Colbert assured viewers on Monday that he has plenty of video from the Russian trip - at Trump's expense, no doubt - to be shown throughout the week. CBS late-night show fans were stuck with repeats until Colbert returned Monday after his travels to Russian Federation last week.

However, after the clip ended, Colbert clarified that his decision was not yet official. But it's important. Keep your eye on a comedian. "And I thought it'd be better to cut out the middle man and just tell the Russians myself". Oh, wait, someone's already got that covered. He'd ask his son-in-law to ask 'em instead!

Vanessa Coleman