Steam Link Anywhere update allows you to stream games on any PC

To use Steam Link Anywhere on your Android devices, you'll need to install the app and pair your device with your host PC. An update for Steam Link, dubbed Steam Link Anywhere, now lets users stream games from their gaming PC to another device over an internet connection. Sort of? Today, Valve announced the Steam Link Anywhere service, the next logical extension of the streaming features it's been working on the past few years.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16 ― The Steam Link game streaming protocol, which connects a PC to a display and controller within the same house, apartment, or workspace, now functions over the net. You could only stream games on your local network at home. After that, all you need to do according to Valve is add a new computer and select "Other Computer" and then follow the pairing instructions that appear before you're ready to get to playing.

It goes without saying that the most crucial requirement for Steam Link Anywhere is a solid network connection. The new APIs bring different advantages for players just as engineers by giving access to Valve's own private system for steering diversion information.

What Valve is doing with Steam Link Anywhere mirrors a lot of what's happening elsewhere in the industry.

The experience of accessing the pride of your AAA collection will of course depend heavily on how high the bandwidth is on both your PC, and on the device you intend to stream from.

Click below to grab the Steam Link app for your Android device. Google specifically has teased that it will unveil "the future of gaming" at the conference - expected to be a cloud-based game streaming service.

Vanessa Coleman