Sri Lankan Muslims Begins Ramadan Fast On Friday

The moon was said to have been sighted in states including Sokoto, Zamfara, Gombe, Bauchi, Rivers, Jigawa, and Niger.

Along with fasting on a daily basis, members of AMCC will give to charity and do community service as part of the holy month.

Abubakar made the announcement in a nationwide address at his palace, confirming the sighting of the moon on Wednesday.

The Sultan said that reports of the moon sighting were received from Muslim leaders and organizations across the country. However, there may be a delay in moon sighting in other states due to weather conditions.

"In accordance with Islamic law, Muslim Ummah are to commence fasting on Thursday accordingly".

Ramazan 2018: Holy month of fasting starts in Gulf and far East countries from May 17

Rabat- The Islamic holy month of Ramadan will start Thursday May 17, declared the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM).

He called on Muslims and all Nigerians to always remember men and women who are less fortunate than themselves and to help the government in confronting the challenges facing the nation.

In conflict-affected areas like Palestine and Marawi City, the lone Islamic community in the Philippines, Ramadan fasting would be more hard for Muslim constituents to observe, but their sacrifices are bound to earn more divine rewards, according to Islamic scholars.

Indeed, in most of the 39 surveyed countries with sizable Muslim populations, more than nine-in-ten Muslims fast, making it the second-most-observed of Islam's Five Pillars, behind only the shahada, the affirmation of belief in God and the Prophet Muhammad. "It is important to use the opportunity of the fast to pray and seek the face of Allah for peace and progress of our dear country".

Vanessa Coleman