Sprint and LG Confirm 5G Smartphone in 2019, Sparse on Details

Whether Sprint will be able to finally merge with T-Mobile or not in time for the upcoming 5G revolution, the least popular of America's "big four" wireless service providers is making some bold claims in regards to this potentially groundbreaking technology.

The first commercial 5G networks will go live in the USA later in 2018, offering faster speeds, greater capacity and lower latency. Notably, the shift from 4G to 5G will enable Sprint customers to download full-length HD movie within seconds, and play high-speed games without delays, hiccups or lag-time.

When you buy your 5G LG phone it will connect to Sprint's 5G network wherever available. The carrier says the device will operate on its own 5G network when it's up and running. The race to be the first to bring 5G connectivity to the palm of your hand is on.

Sprint and LG are on track to deliver the first 5G smartphone to the United States in 2019, the pair have confirmed.

The Korean electronics giant also said it will make this partnership a stepping stone in expanding its 5G business in the North American region in a statement.

"Building on LG's legacy of innovation, our teams are enthusiastic about partnering with Sprint's 5G experts to bring next-generation mobile to market in the US, while continuing to evolve LG's best-in-class design elements for Sprint customers." said William Cho, LG Electronics North America President and CEO. Sprint has also announced that it will be bringing 5G to Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas City, New York, Phoenix, and Washington D.C. These cities will get the service first, followed by further roll-out to other areas. The company has teamed up with Motorola, which has developed an add-on module for its Moto Z3 handset that includes a 5G modem.

Vanessa Coleman