SpaceX Successfully Launches Another Rocket

This Falcon 9 first stage rocket previously launched the CRS-10 mission to the International Space Station from Cape Canaveral, Florida on February 19, 2017.

The two-hour launch window opens at 6:53 p.m. and U.S. Air Force Weather Officials are giving a 90 percent chance of good launch conditions.

SpaceX just reused one of its previously flown rocket boosters, sending it to space for the second time before landing it back on Earth again.

As its name suggests, EchoStar 105/SES-11 will be used by both the Colorado-based operator EchoStar and the Luxembourg company SES.

But a successful landing after launch may be hard because the Geo Stationary Transfer Orbit requires the first stage rocket to reach a significantly higher altitude than other recovered missions.

EchoStar-105/SES-11 was originally set to launch in late 2016, but suffered a year-long delay because of SpaceX's September 2016 Falcon 9 explosion. "Couldn't be more flawless weather for a launch", said a commentator on SpaceX's live webcast.

The Falcon 9 booster, separating from the rocket's upper stage about 2 and a half minutes after liftoff, returned to SpaceX's drone ship "Off Course I Still Love You" in the Atlantic Ocean.

The EchoStar 105/SES-11 spacecraft was built by Airbus and shipped from the Airbus facilities in Toulouse, France to Cape Canaveral, FL for flight processing.

The satellite aims to provide television coverage and communications capabilities to North America, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean.

EchoStar 105 was tailored to meet the Ku-band capacity needs of EchoStar's enterprise, media and broadcast, and US government service provider customers, offering coverage of the 50 USA states and expanded reach to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. SpaceX has launched 75 out of these and they are scheduled to be deployed by mid-2018.

SpaceX Falcon 9 recycled rocket carrying SES-11/EchoStar 105 UHD TV commercial comsat raised erect atop Launch Complex 39A as flock of birds flies by at the Kennedy Space Center, FL, is poised for sunset liftoff on 11 Oct 2017 on world's third reflight of a liquid fueled orbit class rocket.

The second reflown booster successfully launched the BulgariaSat-1 a few months later.

SpaceX's last launch happened on Monday morning from the Vandenberg base in California.

Vanessa Coleman