SpaceX Launches Satellite for SES in Its 11th Mission This Year

A SpaceX rocket delivered a communications satellite to orbit during an early Monday morning launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Space X has delayed the launch of Falcon 9 from the scheduled date to June 4 due to further testing requirements needed towards the rocket's departure and success.

Monday's launch was delayed three days so SpaceX could perform more tests on the Falcon 9's upper stage, which was the newer Block 5 version.

Today's launch was SpaceX's 56th Falcon 9 rocket flight - the company's 11th flight this year and its fifth launch for Luxembourg-based telecom company SES.

SpaceX will not send tourists around the Moon this year as previously announced, and will delay the project until the middle of next year, U.S. media reported on Monday, June 4. Forecasters predicted a 70 percent chance of acceptable weather with ground winds the only concern. Halliwell said. SES will implement its strategy to launch for the fourth time.

The firm has reflown the landed boosters for 12 times and Falcon-3 stages for 13 times. "It's basically two satellites in one".

The SES-12 satellite will provide direct-to-home broadcasting, VSAT, Mobility and High Throughput Satellite (HTS) data connectivity services in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, including India and Indonesia.

No attempt was made to land the booster after its second flight. SES-12 is designed for an operational life of some 15 years.

The Article from Pre-Flown SpaceX Rocket Introduces the Commercial Communications Satellite . The rocket is carrying a communications satellite.

"We believe there are around about a billion people in the Asia-Pacific market that still don't have good connectivity through the devices you're all holding in your hands right now", Hemingway told reporters last week.

Vanessa Coleman