Sorry Microsoft, I have no use for Live Tiles

Microsoft will kick off its fifth annual //Build/ developer conference in San Francisco March the 30th, and just days before the event has published a full list of sessions for the show.

This would mark the first major tweak to Live Tiles since the feature's introduction in Windows 8, released back in October 2012.

And while the operating system has been widely seen as a positive upgrade, Microsoft has no plans to sit on their laurels. However, Build is not likely to produce any major announcements about new hardware, as Microsoft is reportedly readying its "next wave of Windows 10 devices for early 2017 putting them on an 18-month cycle instead of a 12-month one", Windows Central noted.

The video trimming feature will surely make the Windows Phone users happy, because the WhatsApp application has a 16MB limit for sending multimedia files, and many videos are too big and can't be sent.

The description of the session on the channel 9 website highlights that "two highly-requested surprises" are coming to Live Tiles. The company has never unveiled anything publicly but Interactive Live Tiles clearly exist internally at Microsoft. Previously, we are familiar with the "interactive tile view" concept which enables the user to interact with notifications within apps, notes The Verge. At best, a Live Tile displays small pieces of information from the app it represents, such as news headlines from a news reader or the first lines of a message in an email client.

Notifications are an essential tool for engaging with your customers on Windows.

While the past week wasn't a good one for Microsoft bots, I'm betting we hear more at Build 2016 about the Microsoft Bot Framework under development, possibly in this session.



Vanessa Coleman