Sony is blocking PlayStation/Xbox crossplay for Fortnite, says Microsoft

And in a statement to Kotaku, Microsoft placed the blame squarely on Sony, which is apparently blocking the ability for Xbox One to PS4 cross-play. Likewise, the mobile clones of Cuphead left out what fans an critics loved about Studio MDHR's PC and Xbox One game.

"Battle Royale" is continuing to expand its horizons and with this, more players will be allowed to compete with one another, as the developers have announced a cross-play among all current platforms of the game. Sony also tried to dodge the cross-platform play before citing security concerns.

One can only think of the Japanese company trying to save their business by not opening cross-play for the Xbox One.

Even though the best mobile games generally end up on a console, there's still a huge divide between what touchscreen gamers can play and what PC, Nintendo Switch or PS4/PS Vita owners enjoy. As both the consoles work on similar control schemes, there would be no balance issues, which is usually seen with mobile and PC. Sony gets grumpy about letting ecosystems mix, so they're now blocking Xbox One users from joining the fun, but they can still play on their own with fellow Xbox gamers.

PS4 and Xbox One users won't be able to use Fortnite's cross-play features against one another.

Epic Games have confirmed that they will not be able to bring every aspect of Fortnite to Mobile.

Other accounts are a bit more up front with their lack of affiliation with Epic Games and Fortnite, though they still gate their giveaways with retweet or subscription requirements. The same game on all platforms. Meanwhile, Fortnite developers have addressed the concerns surrounding the mobile version of the game.

The mobile reveal trailer above showcases gameplay that Epic says is from the mobile version, though it doesn't specify exactly what hardware it's running on-iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro, or a newer Apple device with iOS 11 is required to play. Further, they assured that everything would be the same from gameplay to content and weekly updates.

Vanessa Coleman