So This South African Hunter May Have Been Eaten By Crocodiles

Scott van Zyl had been missing since last week after he went on a hunting safari in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

According to the newspaper, Zyl's tracks were spotted leading down to the Limpopo River and his backpack was found nearby.

"We found what could possibly be human remains in them", he said.

Van Zyl was married and had two children.

DUBAI: A professional hunter who vanished while on a safari last week is believed to have been eaten by crocodiles in Zimbabwe, The Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Police and animal nature conservation services chose to shoot the reptiles.

Human remains have been found in two reptiles.

The remains are to be tested by forensic experts.

Several people have been killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe, just past year a teenage boy (13) was killed as fished to earn money for his school fees.

The shocking scene was captured by an eyewitness with a smartphone in the village of Mushumbi Pools in northern Zimbabwe's Mashonaland Central Province.

Conservation groups are warning that heavy rains and flooded rivers have resulted in crocodiles turning up in places where they're least expected.

The decision was made to shoot the two crocodiles after the footprints raised suspicions.

Nile crocodiles typically feed on fish, antelope and zebra.

Four people have been killed by crocodiles in a month, the latest victim being an 11-year-old was killed while swimming in the Kana River with friends.

Vanessa Coleman