Skyrim Director Thinks Nintendo Switch Is "Really Smart Platform"

In a recent interview with Gamespot Todd Howard said that Bethesda is now working on a new mobile game that will likely include elements similar to the wildly successful Fallout Shelter which released in June 2015 and quickly garnered tens of millions of downloads.

Bethesda has been releasing regular patches and updates for Fallout Shelter to keep players interested.

Two of these projects are along the lines of classic Bethesda games, but much larger and more ambitious than anything the studio has ever worked on.

Bethesda is in the middle of developing a version of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to be part of the first year of the Nintendo Switch games list. He teased Bethesda's second mobile game stating that it is something that the studio has been planning for a long time. Sure, early Switch adopters who don't already own Skyrim might disagree, but that's such a small sample size compared to the whole that it doesn't resonate the same way as a new game would.

So, why Bethesda is going mobile again?

"The mod limits implemented this week to Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition has been put in place based on our internal testing for stability to the game", reads a post on Bethesda's forums. Howard even went on to say that Nintendo has been a very good partner and that the latest partnership represents a huge improvement over the two companies' relationship. He added that the key to success in this market is to release new and engaging content for a mobile game to succeed.

The third project that the studio is working on is a mobile game.

It's most recent launch saw it become compatible to play on Xbox One, via the Play Anywhere Windows 10 initiative. He said that based on the experience from Shelter, the company is rolling on something new.

For now, it still not clear on what the new mobile project is based around on the old franchise Elder Scrolls series or something new.

Vanessa Coleman