Simone Biles Doesn't Need Anyone to Tell Her Who Her Parents Are

"When I was younger, I was adopted by my grandparents, which are now my parents", she explained. "I call them Mom and Dad".

Muhammad, ranked eighth in the world in sabre, beat Ukranian Olena Kravatska 15-13 in her first match before falling to France's Cecilia Berder 15-12 in the round of 16. For Simone, this family was Ron and Nellie Biles. But with that one quick tweet, Trautwig managed to insult and offend adoptive families everywhere. People already know a little bit about Simone Biles' mother but now they want to know about Simone Biles' father and her siblings as well.

Enter Simone Biles, the gold-medal-winning gymnast who Olympics fans are screaming for around the globe. That includes Simone, her sisters Ashley and Adria and her brother Tevon. He too battled with his addictions.

But whether Biles is willing to acknowledge it, her greatness is, in large part, a given.

Australia's Mitchell Larkin and Ryan Murphy may battle it out for the men's 200m backstroke title while Dutch sprint queen Ranomi Kromowidjojo will try to defend her title in the 100m freestyle. Before that they were being shunted from one foster home to another.

"A lot of relatives adopt family members, either formally through the foster care system or informally through what is called kinship care", Joan Jaeger, the head of communication for adoption support websites The Cradle and Adoptive Learning Partners, told the Monitor.

Shanon told TMZ Sports that her father was insensitive when he discussed her substance abuse during an interview with NBC. Then I went downstairs and she was in the kitchen.

In 2002, a social worker in OH called Ron, Shanon's father and told him that his daughter was incapable of caring for the four children, according to Bleacher Report.

"Her mother had many problems with drugs or alcohol", he said. "I said, 'Send them to me'". In all due respect, that so many children so desperately are seeking a forever home should be more offensive to the public than a sport's announcer's imprecise language about adoption itself. "She didn't even have to pay for all those gymnastic classes but she did". There are so many kids who need someone to fight for them.

Biles' older sister Ashley and brother Tevon were adopted by Ronald's sister. That's because to ask about the family origins of our boys' lives gives us an opportunity to talk about their birthmother's sacrificial decision to carry their child to term and give them a chance at a life they otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to live. On Wednesday, she sent out a social media message to celebrate that reached 1 million Instagram followers.

Simone said her mom, Nellie has been giving her encouraging pep talks for years.

Another day, another Olympics commentator rolling back his comments. Some fairy tales do end happily.

Vanessa Coleman