Shaun Livingston given one-game suspension, while official receives one-week suspension

Warriors guard Shaun Livingston and referee Courtney Kirkland have each been suspended for their little altercation from last night-Livingston for one game and Kirkland for one week. Livingston wasn't right but the contact wouldn't have been initiated if not for Kirkland's actions. Kirkland has been removed from the NBA's officiating rotation until December 10 and Livingston will be suspended for tonight's Warriors game against the Pelicans.

"It seemed pretty obvious there was some contact and both the official and the player were a part of it, and they are both being reprimanded". They also believe Draymond Green's suspension for Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals was, well, orchestrated by forces.

The ejection was the first of the season for Livingston, who stood face-to-face with official Courtney Kirkland under the Warriors' basket before Kirkland ejected him.

Livingston will be suspended one game while Kirkland will be suspended for one week.

Kirkland's suspension will start tonight and end on Sunday. The mini-headbutt/bumping of heads between the two led many to assume a suspension was coming for Livingston, as the National Basketball Association does not take kindly to contact with officials.

But Livingston will have to miss Monday's game without pay.

Vanessa Coleman