'Seven dead and 33 injured as bus carrying tourists crashes in Cuba'

Two Britons were among those injured when a bus crashed in Cuba, killing seven people, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

Two British tourists were injured while onboard with local travellers and visitors from the Netherlands, France, Mexico and Canada.

The crash - which took place at around 8pm on Thursday (3pm local time) - happened in a south-eastern city of Guantánamo, around 1,000 miles away from the capital Havana.

Witnesses said the driver tried to pass another vehicle when he crashed. The report did not specify if foreigners were among those in critical condition.

The bus from the state-owned company Viazul was carrying 40 passengers, including 22 foreigners.

The dead include three Cubans and four tourists.

The Cubans were two men, aged 32 and 47, and a 34-year-old woman.

Radio Guantánamo said it had spoken to the driver of the bus who said he lost control of the bus in wet conditions on a bendy section of the road between Baracoa and Guantánamo. The bus was enroute to Havana from Baracoa when the accident occurred.

Roads in Cuba are poorly lit, narrow and poorly maintained.

The latest crash is the fourth major bus accident in a month.

Traffic accidents are common in Cuba and have resulted in some 4,400 deaths since 2012, according to official data.

Vanessa Coleman