Sessions Says Connecticut Is In Compliance With Immigration Information-Sharing Law

"The Department of Justice (DOJ) is not convinced the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) complies with federal immigration rules, despite Mayor Mitch Landrieu's repeated assurance that policies limiting officers" involvement in immigration issues are well within bounds. "As we have maintained for years, the Department of Justice has confirmed that we are in full compliance with [the policy]", Landrieu said in a statement.

This is a developing story.

The policies violate a federal immigration statute that prohibits municipalities from restricting communications between government agencies and federal immigration authorities who seek the immigration status of an individual, according to the DOJ. The Department of Justice's letter to the city appears to suggest that its attorneys believe any restriction at all on local police inquiring about an immigrant's status by definition would violate federal law. Though this rule is aimed at barring questions about immigrants' legal status, DOJ says it could be interpreted to bar NYPD members from requesting immigration info from federal immigration officers, which would be illegal.

A DOJ preliminary review argues that Philadelphia is violating the Federal Government's immigration laws.

In a October 11 letter to Landrieu, the Department of Justice threatened a grant award because of an NOPD practice that "appears to bar New Orleans officers from requesting information regarding immigration status from federal immigration officers".

Kenney has been an ardent supporter of Philadelphia's "sanctuary city" policies.

But the policy also instructs cops not to ask about immigration status in the course of an investigation, something police officials have said is crucial to encouraging witnesses and victims in immigrant communities to cooperate with detectives and report crimes.

The Trump administration has said enforcing immigration law is vital to national security and crime reduction.

At an event in August, Landrieu hit back at claims from the federal acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director that some cities were releasing "serious criminal offenders".

"I'm not aware of any police department that releases violent criminals on the streets of America", Landrieu said at the time.

This is why President Trump needs to put aside his frustrations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who handed the Russian Federation "collusion" investigation over to a special prosecutor who will look into every crevice of the West Wing trying to find wrongdoing.

"New York City has hit on the right approach to make this the safest big city in the country: welcome immigrant communities to build trust and cooperation with local law enforcement", De Blasio has said.

A Chicago federal judge last month imposed a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump administration from tying grants to two new conditions.

Vanessa Coleman