Serena And Baby Alexis Grace Cover Of February Vogue

If not, let me refresh your memory: This tennis phenom is a 23-time Grand Slam Singles and 14-time Grand Slam Doubles victor who won her most previous Australian Open title while eight weeks pregnant.

Because she had been taking blood-thinners to dispel the clots, the medication caused bleeding at the site of the Caesarian section. "I want to teach her that there are no limits".

She said: "That was an unbelievable feeling (being handed her daughter)".

Her daughter, Alexis Olympia, was born via emergency Caesarean section due to the baby's alarmingly low heart rate.

The surgery went well, but Williams, who has a history of blood clots, had complications.

The next day, while recovering in the hospital, Serena suddenly felt short of breath.

She finally had to return to the operating room to have a filter inserted into a major vein, in order to prevent more clots from dislodging and traveling into her lungs.

Serena Williams, has revealed that she almost died after she had her baby last September. The ultrasound revealed nothing, and according to Vogue, Williams reiterated: "I told you, I need a CT scan and a heparin drip".

Williams said that despite the physical stresses from having a baby, she was in a far better place mentally than she'd ever been throughout her career. Almost a third of births in the United States are, and Williams' procedure was flawless. Last year ProPublica published a shocking tale of how one woman-a doctor at that-died from one of the most common serious pregnancy complications: preeclampsia.

However, a recent article in Vogue revealed that no matter how successful and powerful Black women become, they are still faced with doubt and disbelief, especially in the world of medicine. Now, Black women in NY are 12 times more likely to die than white women, according to NPR. Still, a six-day medical crisis followed.First, her C-section wound reopened after a coughing spell caused by the clots in her lungs.Next, she returned to surgery to correct the lung clot, called a pulmonary embolism, and her medical team found a large hematoma, or clotted blood in the tissue, in her abdomen.

Williams was able to discuss the trauma of her birth experience from the safety of her living room, but many other American women, especially those also of color, nearly certainly would not have had the same experience. Doctors and other health care providers are quick to dismiss the concerns of women, and black women in particular.

Bandele adds that the current presidential administration's attacks on health care are "not just austerity for Black moms, it's death". Talk about being the best in the world, am I right? I didn't have that", the new mom said, while Alexis pondered: "She's obviously going to have a very special life, but there are enough cautionary tales about kids who grow up in the spotlight.

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