Sean Spicer A Ratings Magnet For Jimmy Kimmel, As Donald Trump Forecast

Which makes him seem less like a former White House employee and more like a rescue puppy.

It could be a win/win, as the former White House Press Secretary just handed "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" its top TV rating in three months.

"You thought that was amusing, right?" asked Kimmel, to which Spicer responded, "Yeah, it was kinda amusing", but stated that he didn't think Trump had found the clip "as humorous as others". Though his appearance was generally a lighthearted one, Kimmel did press him on the president's tweeting habits, his portrayal on Saturday Night Live, and the truth about those inauguration crowds. "T$3 he press are very quick to criticize and dismiss colleagues who have committed journalistic wrongdoing as it's viewed as a stain on the entire profession".

Spicer stopped short of badmouthing Trump, however, saying at one point, "He's a good man that really cares about this country".

That interview, in Spicer's opinion, proved him right in that it showed Scaramucci wasn't prepared for the job.

After watching a clip of McCarthy's Spicer shoving pieces of gum into her mouth, the real Spicer quipped, "You're costing me, like, a lot of money in therapy".

Kimmel asked if that first press briefing in particular was responsible for casting a shadow on his stint as press secretary.

"I think probably the majority", Spicer said.

"It's my job to speak on his behalf so if you're not speaking in the way that he wants, obviously he wanted to make sure he corrected that".

"So when the president would tweet, did you have an alert on your phone?" "And I think that's unfortunate because it gives a bad name to those who actually do take the time to get it right".

Sean Spicer may have found his next permanent gig: Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick.

However, one of the most interesting moments of the interview came when Kimmel probed Spicer about the dangers of lumping everyone in the media together as fake news.

And while he denied personal problems with The Mooch as to why he left the White House, Spicer did say that Scaramucci didn't have 'the qualifications or the background to work in the communications office'. "If we don't want to lump every journalist into the same thing, then don't lump every conservative and every Republican into the same box".

Vanessa Coleman