Scottish Man Fined $1114 For Teaching Dog Nazi Salute

The YouTuber who trained his girlfriend's pug to give Nazi salutes in response to sick phrases such as 'gas the Jews'has avoided jail.

Mark Meechan was sentenced after a landmark ruling found him guilty of communicating a video which was "grossly offensive".

The 30-year-old told the court that the video was "shock humour" meant to annoy his girlfriend - although presiding Sheriff Derek O'Carroll noted that she did not follow the YouTube account in question.

Following a trial at Airdrie Sheriff Court in Lanarkshire in March, he was found guilty of posting material that was grossly offensive, anti-Semitic and racist.

Speaking outside court after sentencing, Meechan said: "I'm going to appeal against it".

Meechan's defence agent Ross Brown said his client was a "tolerant and liberal" man. Up until this point, he was a man who had no involvement with the law. "This was not the perception Police Scotland had on receiving a notice that the video had been posted online".

A number of campaigners and supporters of the defendant, including former leader of the English Defense League (EDL) Tommy Robinson, were present at the court today.

Following his conviction, Meechan received support from British far-right figureheads, as well as comedians including Ricky Gervais.

The original video, posted in April 2016 on his YouTube channel, Count Dankula, was viewed more than 3 million times before it was removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. He said: "What they should have realised from the start is realise how ridiculous this entire thing is, okay he's just a shitposter, he's an edgy comedian', there are famous comedians who have done much worse than me [like Frankie Boyle] and you don't see them getting arrested". He later posted a video in which he apologized for the original dog clips, saying it was a joke and that he has no such political leanings.

"I am so sorry to the Jewish community for any offense I have caused them. If I were the judge, I would sentence the young man to meet with aging Holocaust survivors and UK WWII war heroes to learn why the Nazi Seig should never be a laughing matter".

Vanessa Coleman