Samsung Galaxy S9 Teardown: Dual Aperture Tricks

Starting March 15th, tomorrow, Samsung customers can go to any of the ~300 Samsung Care authorized uBreakiFix locations and get same-day support for their Galaxy smartphones.

In a press release Samsung advises device phones to schedule an appointment via its own website and then take it along to their nearest uBreakiFix location.

Today, 11 March 2018, specialists fix shop iFixit tested this mobile device on maintainability, completely disassembled it and giving their brand a rating on a scale.To disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S9 professionals had with a special heat gun to heat the back cover, because it is fixed with glue. Notably, users of other Android devices are considering making the move to a Samsung, including 19 per cent of current LG users, 11 per cent of Moto users and 10 per cent HTC users.

This is great advertisement from Samsung, since ideal customer support is one of the main reasons iPhone users choose to be loyal to the Apple brand. Samsung and its partner aim to add nearly 200 additional locations across the country by next year.

According to Samsung, "walk-ins are always welcome" and uBreakiFix will offer "same-day repairs" for most issues. Will you make use of this new partnership between Samsung and uBreakiFix?

It also gives Samsung phone owners an Apple Care-like presence around the country, where users can get their devices services without having to send them off or trust an unauthorised third-party to carry out the work.

Currently, uBreakiFix has more than 300 locations, but that's expected to expand by almost 200 more by early 2019. Still, with most of the phones on Samsung's list of supported devices being water-resistant, hopefully that won't be such a problem.

Vanessa Coleman