Samsung Galaxy S9+ SD845 variant's scores listed on AnTuTu

Next, this video actually shows how well the Galaxy S9 can capture bright and detailed low light photos, as it tends to demonstrate that for the shot of the deer at the end. We are talking about the Galaxy S9 here, which, as far as the rumours and speculations are concerned is going to be a much-improved version of the S8 in nearly all aspects. Samsung has also released three new teasers that hint at the features of the upcoming Galaxy S9 range, including an Animoji-competitor.

Let's consider the promo videos one after the other.

"That's £50 cheaper than the only other S9 price information we've been given to date, which claimed that you should expect to pay "£100 more than the S8 cost at launch" and would have resulted in a price of around £789. Suddenly the skydiver slows down dramatically as the number "9" appears. This gives a clear reference to the low-light photography.

Well, the number of devices that are affected with this issue is not big, because the update had just begun rolling out, and, it was first rolled out only to those users who had participated in Samsung's beta program. So yes, you would be able to take more pictures and work on the cameras just like normal daylight within the upcoming Galaxy S9 phones. We're guessing it will also be bezel-less and will have dual rear cameras.

While all Galaxy flagships have packed impressive specifications for their time, however, none of them ever featured stereo speakers. The new 3D Emoji feature will act like the original Apple's Animoji feature, but differently.

The camera is one of the most important features buyers look at when buying a new smartphone.

Vanessa Coleman