Samsung Galaxy A2 Core official render leaks

Does anybody like the notch?

From wide display cut-outs to waterdrop notches and from pop-up cameras to punch-hole screens, the selfie camera continues to dominate smartphone design.

And the most promising part of the phone is its camera.

From all the tech giants like Huawei, iPhone and Samsung, we were hearing that they are working on Infinity-O displays.

Galaxy S10's Infinity-O Display puts a front-facing camera in a punch-hole in the main display itself, doing away with the bezel and notch to provide users with the best viewing experience for.

Samsung is gearing up to release its second Android Go smartphone like the Galaxy A2 Core. He admitted the technology could take over two years to develop, reports the news agency.

To achieve this look, Samsung is trying to embed the phone's cameras and sensors beneath its display.

While Yang didn't say how, it seems possible Samsung could do this by creating an area of the display that turns off the pixels when a camera is in use, so that it can shoot without any interference. To make it possible, all the sensors and cameras on the front will have to move under the display.

Would you prefer an in-display camera if that meant a higher price?

The images come in 1960 x 1960 (single wing) or 2152 x 2152 (dual-wing) resolution to accommodate the phone's 1536 x 2152 pixel resolution folding screen.

As you can see, a lot of unorthodox thought and technology is going into Samsung's first-gen foldable phones, and we can only hope with their proliferation and subsequent editions the pricing will only become lower.

Samsung is also considering developing an OLED display technology that allows the screen to double as a speaker, thus potentially eliminating the need for an earpiece cutout.

Vanessa Coleman