Samsung announces new and updated APIs for Galaxy GameDev

The Samsung Developer Conference opening ceremony served the South Korean company, of course, Samsung to announce numerous new features, both for hardware and software, that we will see in the coming months by the company.

Samsung has just shown off a camouflaged version of its foldable smartphone after having teased it in concept videos and with prototype displays for several years.

To facilitate multitasking, Samsung described at the event a new, intuitive interface design called One UI to be used with the Infinity Flex Display.

The Galaxy GameDev program was originally announced at Samsung Developer Conference 2016, wherein Samsung sought to provide access to a variety of technical and marketing support options to assist developers in creating quality games for Galaxy devices, and by extension, for Android devices. The display showed a tablet that folds into a device that has a cover-display. Branded as Samsung One UI, the new skin aims to make navigating Android simpler and is designed around how we use our phones today. UPDATE: To see if Samsung posted their emulator for download, head over to Samsung's developer portal for foldable devices specifically. The company also introduced new developer tools for its Bixby and SmartThings platforms.

In addition, the 7.3-inch screen will be able to split into three active areas at once.

Samsung launched its first ever Android Go device, the Galaxy J2 Core, back in August.

Royole said it would start filling orders in late December. These are first generation devices but imagine some years from now where physical ports have been removed, driving electronics significantly reduced in size, and batteries perhaps flexible, too.

Vanessa Coleman