Royal pay gap? 'The Crown"s Queen Elizabeth paid less than her prince"

Producers admitted Tuesday, March 13 that Matt Smith, Prince Philip on the hit Netflix drama, negotiated a better deal than Claire Foy because of his perceived higher profile.

Meanwhile, Netflix declined to comment on the salary disparity, while Foy and Smith's publicists are yet to comment at all. Mackie added, "Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen". Foy and Smith will be replaced in upcoming seasons of The Crown as it follows the lives of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family chronologically. Foy not getting equal pay on a show where her character and Smith's are constantly fighting about him feeling emasculated by her power is so deliciously poetic I could nearly laugh.

No one gets paid more than The Queen... except for The Doctor.

According to Vanity Fair, "The Crown" is one of television's most expensive shows with a per-episode budget of at least $7 million.

Foy, 33, was already making a name for herself in British costume drama, with roles in Upstairs Downstairs and Wolf Hall, when she was tapped to play the queen.

She earned a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actor's Guild Awards for best actress following the first season.

Before tackling The Crown, Smith played the 11th iteration of the title character on BBC's Doctor Who. It is not known at this time how much more Matt was paid for his work on the series.

The pay revelation emerged during a talk with Mackie and fellow executive producer Andy Harries at a media conference in Jerusalem.

Foy, however, will not be able to cash in on that promise: The series is replacing its leads for season three, when Olivia Colman will step into the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

We too frequently underpay women and underestimate their talent, yet lament when they don't have "star power".

Vanessa Coleman