Rose McGowan's trial date set for cocaine charge

McGowan's attorney Jim Hundley declined to comment.

As for McGowan, the maximum sentence for the charges against her is 10 years, according to WTOP.

She has maintained her innocence; her lawyers have argued that someone planted the cocaine, possibly someone connected to Weinstein.

'These charges would have never been brought if it weren't for her activism as a voice for women everywhere. "I assure you, this selective prosecution will be met with a strong defence".

McGowan, who was indicted Monday, is accused of leaving a wallet with cocaine inside on a plane at Dulles International Airport a year ago. She previously stated that she believes the wallet was taken from her backpack while she was travelling.

Actress and activist Rose McGowan is set to go to trial in January in Loudoun County, Va., on a cocaine possession charge.

"There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia", she wrote. "What a load of HORSESHIT". McGowan has maintained the cocaine isn't hers, and has suggested in court papers that the drugs were planted at the behest of movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Falsely accusing Mr. Weinstein of committing a crime is something McGowan has in our opinion done before and people must take note of her indictment and more importantly, her cavalier habit of falsely accusing Mr. Weinstein of criminal conduct he vigorously denies.

After McGowan's tweets, Weinstein hired several private security agencies, one operated by veterans of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, to block women from reporting that he allegedly sexually assaulted or harassed them, according to the New Yorker.

Weinstein has since been arrested on charges of rape, committing a criminal sex act, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct in NY for which has pled not guilty.

Vanessa Coleman