Ron Howard Admits There's Been 'a Little Talk' About a Willow Sequel

Perhaps one of the most prevalent rumors is that Ehrenreich needed an acting coach to advise him. It's interesting to see Ford in the Solo trailer, but ultimately, it ends up looking a bit unsettling.

Screenwriters Jonathan Kasdan and Lawrence Kasdan clearly relish the opportunity to write dialogue for swashbuckling renegades, but they're also stuck doing a lot of retrofitting that goes nowhere.

"I love that there are rich people and poor people in this movie", said Glover, who racked up a record-breaking 90 million YouTube views this week with his new single This is America. "He created it in a way that I think actors are usually just like serving somebody else's vision".

Emilia Clarke ditches dragons as she swaps Game of Thrones in favour of star-ships as she features as Qi'ra, Han's childhood friend. Of course, before Han Solo came. But this galaxy has always been a rule-bound place, and too much divergence from franchise traditions would probably have stirred up its own kind of fan outrage.

In fact, he was in the trailer - but you nearly certainly didn't recognise him, because he was playing a Wookiee.

So while C-3PO won't be in this film, Anthony Daniels can continue his streak of being in every Star Wars movie ever. But "Solo" may be the first indication that it might be time to pump the brakes and take more time to focus on the stories, and make sure everything is right (especially the creatives involved) before making a movie. Then after winning the role, he was quickly compared to Harrison Ford, who originated the legendary character, something nearly impossible to live up to. "I just thought it was spectacular".

Han Solo is an iconic character, and since we first met him back in 1977, the character has always been Harrison Ford's.

When Solo plays to its strengths, its an entertaining little adventure - little being the key word here.

Smith took to Twitter to share a photo of his ticket, adding, "So Solo: A Star Wars Story is fun fan service cinema that made me smile a bunch & flap my fanboy fins!"

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a film that feels like it doesn't have a reason to exist when it spends its time retelling or explaining the origin of details we already know about its titular character's backstory.

Vanessa Coleman