Roman Polanski's Sexual Assault Victim To Appear In Court On His Behalf

She sued Polanski and reached a settlement in 1993 for $500,000.

A court hearing in Los Angeles is set to get access to plea deal testimony from the 70s, Braun said.

"It just wasn't as traumatic for me as everybody would like to believe it was".

The Associated Press does not typically name victims of sex abuse, but Geimer went public years ago.

'Samantha Geimer is exhausted of this.

On Friday, Samantha Geimer testified in the criminal case for the first time since that day, this time pleading with a judge to sentence Polanski, 83, to time served, so that her family can be released from the media spectacle that has haunted her life since that day. It is Harland Braun, the lawyer of Roman Polanski who told AFP the wish of Samantha Geimer to close this case: "She comes with her husband because she is exhausted of this business that has been going on for 40 years". At a news conference after the court hearing Friday, she said she was offended when she read his 1984 autobiography, in which he described their encounter as consensual.

It is not clear if her plea would bring an end to the 40-year-old case that limits the director's freedom. Prosecutors dropped charges that he drugged, raped and sodomized Geimer.

"I'm standing here saying he's served his sentence", Geimer said after the hearing.

Polanski, whose films include "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Pianist", was arrested on US warrants in both Poland and Switzerland during the past decade, but both countries ultimately declined to extradite him.

Ms Geimer has previously said she forgives Polanski for the assault, which took place at Jack Nicholson's home in the Hollywood Hills during a March 1977 photo shoot.

Polanski, who won a best director Oscar for The Pianist, fled in 1978, fearing a judge would extend his sentence after he spent 42 days in jail.

Braun maintains that Polanski has already done more than enough time behind bars, including time he spent at a state prison in Chino in the late 1970s for a pre-sentencing diagnostic examination and also in jail and under house arrest in Switzerland in 2009 as Swiss authorities considered an extradition request.

He has consistently ruled against Polanski's repeated requests for similar outcomes and has said the director must appear in court to resolve the case.

He told 54-year-old Geimer that the crimes committed by Polanski are "as serious as this court ever sees", indicating that Roman's appearance in a United States courtroom is still mandated.

Samantha Geimer asked Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon to either dismiss the unlawful sex with a minor case against Polanski, or issue a sentence without Polanski present.

This combination photo shows director Roman Polanski at the photo call for the film, "Based On A True Story", at the 70th worldwide film festival, Cannes, southern France, on May 27, 2017, left, and Polanski at a Santa Monica, Calif., courthouse on August 8, 1977.

Furthermore, Debra Tate, the sister of Polanski's wife Sharon Tate, who was murdered in 1969 while heavily pregnant by followers of Charles Manson, is set to appear in court to support the director. It's been 40 years.

Vanessa Coleman