Roll up your sleeves and get protected against seasonal flu today

Flu Season is coming early this year - and might be more unsafe than ever. However, they said they are seeing flu cases out there. It was time for his annual flu shot and this year he had it done at the Catawba County Health Department. It's so important that everyone in Pembrokeshire takes the time to make sure they are as protected as possible and I'd strongly encourage those in at risk groups to make an appointment at your GP surgery and have the flu vaccine as soon as you can.

Last week, a total of 612 patients in North Carolina were tested for the flu, with six tests coming back with positive. If you've never been keen on getting a shot once a year (like about half of Americans), think about it like this: Do it so others don't get the flu.

Flu is a highly infectious disease and can lead to serious complications for those with long-term health conditions like bronchitis, diabetes, heart or liver disease.

The flu vaccine aside, the best defense against flu viruses is good hygiene practices.

Avoiding a flu shot in the United States is no big deal, every second person in USA avoid getting their flu shot each year.

In addition to the Health Center, local pharmacies, including Giant Eagle and Rite Aid, will administer flu shots with proof of insurance. "I wish I would have gotten the flu shot they offered past year". "Flu vaccine is our best weapon to prevent illness this winter", said Dr. David Allison, chief medical officer of health.

Since mothers who get vaccinated pass antibodies on to their babies during pregnancy, the flu shot helps protect the child after birth from the virus.

Getting vaccinated against the flu is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older. About 33 percent of the population in 38 states gets vaccinated.

His comments come following reports of a much higher incidence of flu in the Australian winter and the possibility that the same strain of the virus will be seen in Europe. These practices go a long way in protecting you not just from flu but from many other contagious diseases.

Both do carry a risk of mild side effects that can occur with the standard flu shot.

Vanessa Coleman