Robbers dig 50-feet tunnel to rob bank

Meanwhile, cops have already found the name of the person - Gena Prasad - who had rented the shop next to the bank.

According to reports, the accused robbers, who are yet to be caught, had allegedly rented a shop next to the bank in May.

Robbers dug a 25-foot tunnel into the locker room of a bank in Navi Mumbai, broke into 30 vaults and stole valuables worth Rs 40 lakh between Saturday and Sunday, PTI reported on Tuesday. "The thieves had conducted a proper recce and after finding the bank shut over the weekend, they entered the bank and took away the jewelry and cash kept in the lockers", the police officer said. The incident came to light on Monday morning when the bank employees reported for duty. After that a horizontal tunnel of around 30 feet with a height of around four and half feet was dug till the bank locker room which was linked to another tunnel going up.

"After digging one part of the tunnel, the culprits put plywood on the upper side, which was supported by small bamboo sticks". Everyone, from those worked at those shops to those who visited it, started jogging their memory for answers on whether they had seen anything suspicious over the past five months. "A few closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have captured the burglars' blurred images". "However, there were none inside the locker room to respect the privacy of customers", said Kiran Patil, assistant commissioner of police (Nerul) division. At some point, the police had to lock the main entrance of the bank to preserve forensic evidence. Prima facie it does not appear to be an insider's job. He added that the police had found some leads and teams of officers and men were working on them.

Vanessa Coleman