Rio Olympics 2016: Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui gives incredible interview

Her comments after the race won Fu even more followers in China and around the world.

"At times, I felt like living was no better than death".

At age 15, she's earned global recognition after winning two medals at the 2011 World Junior Championships - a gold in the 100-meter backstroke and a bronze in the 200-meter freestyle.

And audiences enjoyed another showcase of Fu's animated reactions during her post-final interview, when she was completely oblivious to the fact that she had just won her first Olympic medal. Am I that fast?'

Fu won a bronze medal, finishing joint-third with Canadian Kylie Masse with a time of 58.76s, just 0.01s off of Kathleen Baker in silver.

At that point, the interviewer interrupted her.

And Fu Yuanhui has always celebrated in this way.

On China's Twitter-like Weibo, people have praised her for her genuine reaction and have also expressed gratitude at her efforts in representing China.

Rio Olympics 2016: Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui gives incredible interview

On Day 2, she got out of the pool after smashing a world record, walked up to a reporter for an interview.

The backstroker has become a social media hit in China for her amazed expressions - ranging from bewilderment to delight.

The 20-year-old simply couldn't believe that she had qualified for Sunday's 100m backstroke final, having finished third in a time of 58.95s.

Fu Yuanhui is proof you don't have to win a gold medal to have a golden personality.

"Well then I think that's not bad at all", said Yuanhui.

In a press conference after she was presented with her bronze medal, Fu said she was simply a "very happy person". Instead she is breaking the Chinese internet with her hilarious post-swim interviews.

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