Redskins discussed Colin Kaepernick, expected to sign Josh Johnson

The Washington Redskins "discussed" signing quarterback Colin Kaepernick but chose to go in a "different direction", says head coach Jay Gruden.

Gruden later went on to say, however, that the team would, after discussion, likely go in a different direction, and bypass the signing of the former San Francisco 49ers star. "He's been talked about, but we'll probably go in a different direction". His collusion grievance, as well as his position on kneeling during the anthem to protest social injustice, is going to continue to keep him from getting a job in the NFL.

Couldn't they have just said something inane like, "We don't want him because of the controversy he brings"?

After Alex Smith's brutal leg injury, Sanchez was signed to be Colt McCoy's backup for the Washington Redskins, but he was forced into action Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles after McCoy also broke his leg.

Of course. the 'Skins lost Alex Smith to a gruesome injury back on November 18 - but passed on signing Kaepernick the following week in favor of adding Mark Sanchez.

"It's just going to be a matter of which way do we want to go?"

The best of Mark Sanchez's first presser as starting QB

Gruden says the team will have a workout with QBs later this afternoon. though it's unclear if Kaepernick will be a part of those.

Mark Geragos, Kaepernick's attorney in his pending collusion grievance against the National Football League and teams, said that the Redskins' decision supports Kaepernick's claims. Gruden told reporters during a conference call Tuesday that only about 20 percent of the playbook was available to Sanchez, who was operating off a play sheet on his wristband.

"We wanted a guy with a similar skill set with Colt", Gruden said. "Somebody to come in in a pinch and function a little bit".

"Not that Colin can't do some of the things I'm talking about".

"You know, it's amusing you hear a lot of the old coaching adages and guys are talking about running certain routes and in my head I'm thinking how I've seen this guy run a route or whatever and I just keep reminding myself that you're not running the line on the page, you're running the route", Sanchez said. Yates before going with Sanchez.

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