Rebekah Caldwell Mason resigns in wake of Gov. Bentley scandal

"I love that, too", Bentley said in the recording.

Bentley says he meant to text the person, but accidentally sent the message to a male aide. You know, it's just - you know how it is.

Bentley made his first public appearance Monday since allegations of an affair were made public last week. You kiss me.... I love that. A majority of House members would have to vote to begin proceedings.

Yellowhammer sources have confirmed that both the Alabama Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney's office have launched criminal investigations into possible wrongdoing stemming from Governor Robert Bentley's inappropriate relationship with his senior advisor Rebekah Mason. However, Representative Ed Henry is planning on introducing legislation to impeach Bentley "because the governor has lost the confidence of lawmakers and voters".

"If we are going to do anything for the next two years as far as economic development, we will have to do it without Governor Bentley", Henry said.

She worked as the governor's communications adviser before leaving to work on his 2014 re-election.

Last week, in an email to CNN, Mason stood by the governor's comments about the recordings, saying everyone has moved on.

Her detractors within the administration said her opinion increasingly became the only one Bentley would trust.

In another one, Bentley said: "But, baby, let me tell you what we're gonna have to do". She is not a state employee, but in her role as senior advisor is paid through private entities that are not required to reveal their financial information.

Bentley had been accused by Spencer Collier, the state's former law enforcement secretary, of making sexually charged comments and having an improper relationship with Mason.

"I have also ended my work with the Alabama Council For Excellent Government".

"My only plans are to focus my full attention on my precious children and my husband who I love dearly", Mason said.

Vanessa Coleman