PS Plus Free Games July 2016: New Leak Again In PlayStation Newsletter?

"Sony San Diego stated, "'Kill Strain' is now in Limited Access with more invites going out weekly...

"The game is free to play without PS+, and online only PvP". Instead, the video game is already a free-to-play game title on PlayStation 4, and the game being released for free next month does not necessarily mean that it will be among the six free games for July.

Speaking to GamerTag, Pachter believes both consoles will launch around the same time in mid-2017. It is unclear as to why Sony has made a decision to no longer support Ustream, but some have speculated that the largely unregulated streaming platform could be the reason as in the past; some have used it to broadcast inappropriate content.


The company didn't say why they're terminating Ustream features on PS4.

Vanessa Coleman