Priyanka Chopra asked to apologise in 'clear-cut' terms by Sikkim government

The actor was instantly slammed on social media for calling a state 'troubled with insurgency'. "We should bury this issue".

Rai further added, "We should not make a mountain out of a molehill". So we asked her to take back her statement and apologise to us.

Pahuna, directed by first timer Paakhi A. Tyrewala, was launched as an association between Priyanka and her mother Madhu Chopra's banner Purple Pebble Pictures and Ministry of Tourism, Sikkim.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has apologised to the Sikkim government for describing one of India's most peaceful states troubled and one infested by insurgency. Gyatso gave the example of Dev Anand's Jewel Thief (1967) as one of the earliest films shot in Sikkim. "There has been no refugee problem in Sikkim and she as a youth icon should have known that". In the apology she said, "It saddens me that a comment I made during a recent interview at TIFF has caused this much pain when that was never the intention at all".

The star wrote: 'I'm sorry I have to write to you under these circumstances. but I needed to clarify my stance in regards to the situation which has arisen due to a comment of mine during an interview for my film Pahuna, which was misunderstood. "I had meant the "neighbouring countries".

"I have always taken pride as being someone who is informed about the world but this time, some of the statements made were incorrect and while I should have been better informed about certain facts, I take full responsibility for what I said", she said.

She has been the subject of jokes and ire from people across the state of Sikkim.

"I appreciate all the support you have shown me and my team and I wanted to clear the misunderstanding with you directly".

Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra was thrown on the backfoot on Thursday by indignant Sikkimese after she made a gaffe terming Sikkim as an insurgency-troubled state at an global film festival in Toronto. The actor, who recently presented her home production "Pahuna", a Sikkimese language film, at the ongoing TIFF, claimed in an interview with ET Canada that it was the first-ever film to have emerged from Sikkim as it's a "very troubled" region. It is an insurgency affected place. Our film is the first movie to be made in this region.

Priyanka's film about three Nepalese children who get separated from their parents, escape the Maoists in Nepal and flee to Sikkim. The entire cast and numerous technicians are from Sikkim.

Pahuna: The Little Visitors is a film about two kids and their perspectives about refugee crisis.

Vanessa Coleman