Prince Philip surrenders his driving licence

The Duke of Edinburgh, 97, was behind the wheel near the Sandringham Estate last month when his Land Rover Freelander collided with a Kia.

He surrendered his driving licence after being involved in a crash on the Sandringham Estate and then being spotted behind the wheel without a seatbelt.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said the incident file will be reviewed exactly as it would be for any other British citizen as they consider whether to charge Prince Philip.

More than a week after the crash, the duke wrote a letter to the passengers in the other vehicle to apologise.

He blamed the low, bright sun for obscuring his vision, adding he was "very contrite about the consequences".

She went on to say she understood how hard a decision it must have been for him but claimed it would make the roads less risky.

On Saturday, a statement from Buckingham Palace said: "After careful consideration, the Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving licence".

Prince Philip, the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, is going to give up his driving licence, Buckingham Palace says. It's unclear what exactly led to the crash between his Land Rover and another driver's Kia, which was carrying a 9-month-old baby.

In the letter to Ms Fairweather, dated 21 January and reproduced by the Sunday Mirror, the duke acknowledged the "very distressing experience".

Philip came under days of media criticism for failing to quickly and publicly apologize for causing the crash. "I was pleasantly surprised because of the personalised nature".

Witnesses to the crash were in disbelief that anyone, and especially someone of Philip's age, could have walked away from it so easily.

Although age has not been confirmed as a factor in the accident, his crash did start a conversation about driving and the elderly.

"So he does listen to these things - he's very, very sensible".

Prince Philip famously drove FORMER US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama from their helicopter on a visit to the United Kingdom in 2016, with the Queen in the back seat.

Prince Philip retired from public life in 2017, although he still occasionally appears with the Queen at official events.

Vanessa Coleman