PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Stars Open Up About Hit Show's Final Season

On the set of "Pretty Little Liars", Andrea Parker talks with about that Mary Drake/Spencer reveal from the midseason finale! From heartbreaks to OMG moments, plenty of drama went down in episode 10, "The DArkest Knight". Of course, he didn't give up the goods. She is in and out after losing a lot of blood. Right as Hanna is about to smash the game, it lights up and reveals a video of the liars killing Archer Dunhill. The phone then lit up and showed footage of the Liars digging up Rollins, as they quickly realized that A.D. knew they killed the conman.

When we last left the Liars, Spencer had been shot, Jenna was abducted and Toby was in a vehicle crash that left him unconscious.

However, Hanna also wants him to be charged with torturing her and insists they wait for the DNA sample to come back. She may or may not betray her friends.

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While Ezra tried to figure out precisely where he was following the revelation that Nicole was still alive, we saw a completely different sort of story play out with Aria.

The second half ofseason seven begins immediately after the events of the mid-season finale, so we've put together a helpful refresher of what to remember before PLL returns on Tuesday night.

At one point, Emily was forced to break up an intense war of words between the group and the tension continued back at the DiLaurentis residence, where Alison confessed that she still wasn't sure how she feels about Emily. He tells her that he's working as a chef at the venue.

The upcoming twelfth episode of the season titled "These Boots Were Made For Stalking" will be ushering in a girl named Addison (Ava Allan), described as the mini version of the high school Ali (Sasha Pieterse), who will be stirring up more trouble for the Liars. The two express their feelings towards one another and share a kiss.

Pretty Little Liars fans have been desperately trying to work out the identity of Uber A (also known as A.D.) for years, but new clues may be suggesting that Lucy Hale's Aria could have been the mysterious evil character all along.

Aria later told Hanna she suspected that Nicole didn't know about their relationship, or about her.

When she isn't moonlighting as an amateur sleuth, Mona is meddling in Hanna's life. They respected each other's quirks and didn't try to change each other and their loyalty was so deep, they even joined the A team to help each other out. Personally, I find that the series has always been centered around this unconditional friendship and the love they have for each other.

Spencer has been shot and is crawling into a corner. She tells her that Mary Drake is missing and how she admitted she is Spencer's biological mother.

When choosing "Dare" leads her to visit Toby in the hospital (he survived the auto accident with just a broken arm, by the way), her prize was a letter that Mary Drake wrote to her unborn child while still at Radley.

Throughout the years, the Pretty Little Liars have been playing a rather unsafe game of life, one that involves lying, cheating and murdering.

Vanessa Coleman