Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Recap: 7.11: Playtime

What will happen in the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars?

Did a "Pretty Little Liars" poster reveal the identity of A? Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, and Janel Parrish are now connected forever through their permanent body art, but Shay just revealed: It nearly didn't happen. As Spencer went into surgery, the Liars were shocked to see Toby (Keegan Allen) being wheeled in on a stretcher.

The other Liars arrive at the hospital to check on Spencer.

With Yvonne still in a medically induced coma following the previous episode's vehicle crash, there could still be hope for Spoby.

Meanwhile, Spencer confronted her mother with the world-shattering allegation that Mary Drake is actually her biological mother.

Credit: FreeformWanna play a game? The girls may have been through a lot together but one of them getting shot and being near death was never the case. The biggest clue? The board game - specifically, its oh-so-2017 nature. Love it, That Spencer could be alone for a while. It didn't work out for Hanna (Ashley Benson) when she went after A.D. last season and it wasn't a smart move on Spencer's part this time either.

These two had incredible chemistry right from the start as they engaged in a sort of modern-day, teenage Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy sparring. (Her parents aren't home, because who would cut a trip to Europe short when their daughter is hospitalized for a pesky gunshot wound?) They open it, and inside is an elaborate board game called Liar's Lament, with Liar figurines that can hop around a miniature Rosewood. The synopsis for Season 7 episode 12 titled These Boots are Meant for Stalking states that Spencer will continue to explore her family's past with some help from Detective Furey. By the time her knife is fully raised, the game lights up and queues up a blackmail video of the Liars burying Archer Dunhill.

Oh and then remember how Emily and Paige were up for the same swim coach job at Rosewood High, and it was very dramatic and all that?

Over at the DiLaurentis house, Ali (Sasha Pieterse) told Emily (Shay Mitchell) that she is pregnant with Elliot's (Huw Collins) baby. "Everything that I thought I knew, everything, it just came from the big bag of lies". Their love story was heartwarming: they fell in love when Hanna was just being the kind, warm-hearted person that she is by letting Caleb sleep in her basement after she learned he was homeless.

Emily told Paige to expect an apology from Alison but Paige was having none of it. Yvonne deserves better than this, but at least if she stays unconscious Toby and Spencer will be able to get back together... Hanna wants to look for Jenna. He wants to take care of Jenna himself and let Hanna concentrate on her career.

Next day, Mona sits down with Hanna. Well, he turns out to be the manager of a venue that Aria is checking out for her wedding.

Aria later told Hanna she suspected that Nicole didn't know about their relationship, or about her. Aria gets engaged at last, but days later, Ezra's former flame is found alive in a remote jungle. It was also revealed in the photographs that Aria's good friend, Holden (Shane Coffey), will be back and the two look like they're about to have a fun reunion. As they were catching up, Ezra appeared and told Aria he was going to NY to see Nicole.

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